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Products & Services

Next Generation Farmer Loans

Central Texas Farm Credit knows how important the next generation of farmers and ranchers is to the future of agriculture. Our goal is to help you develop the fundamental business skills needed to be successful. We are committed to helping you get back to the farm and understand that financing is just one piece of the puzzle.

Who qualifies?

  • 35 years or younger
  • 10 years or less of experience
  • Less than $250,000 in annual sales

How Will A First Time Farm Loan Help You?

A first-time farmer loan provides valuable financial support to new farmers, facilitating the purchase of necessary equipment, land, or livestock and easing the initial financial burden, which ultimately enables you to kickstart your agricultural business successfully.

How Is Central Texas Farm Credit Different?

We offer a variety of loan services tailored to fit your needs — large or small and first-time farmer loans.

We pride ourselves on offering competitive rates and exceptional service.

Here are just a few benefits of doing business with us:

Knowledge Sharing

With a young farmer loan, you are part of the Central Texas Farm Credit family. Our seasoned staff offers the expert help you need to own a successful operation. Our team will guide you through every step of the lending process, and offer support long after the loan papers are signed.

Custom Credit Standards

We understand that next-generation farmers and ranchers aren’t going to carry the same type of balance sheet as tenured customers. That’s why we have customized lending standards to help the next generation get started with first time farm loans.


Communication is becoming more important each day. Thanks to Ag Banking Online, you can manage your account securely 24/7.

Continuing Education

We want you to be successful. That’s why we offer opportunities for our next generation customers to learn and grow through educational programs.

It Pays To Do Business With Us.

When you do business with Central Texas Farm Credit. you become an owner. That means you share in our cooperative success in the form of a cash patronage refund.

With a new farm loan for new farmers, we ensure you are started on the right foot with the support you need to be a successful farmer.