Farm & Agriculture Line Of Credit
Farm & Agriculture Line Of Credit

Farm & Agriculture Line of Credit

AG Line Of Credit

You shouldn't have to jump through hoops for a farm operating loan.

Central Texas Farm Credit understands what it takes to run your farm or ranch. Easy, fast, and convenient — everything you expect from a lending expert.

A farm equity line of credit is designed to help with farm and ranch operating needs, land improvements, country home and building construction, livestock purchases, agribusiness needs, and more.


What is a farm equity line of credit?

  • Money is there when you need it; no scrambling for financial statements or stress waiting on loan approval. You can have your farm operating line of credit when you need it.
  • With our AG line of credit, you only pay interest on amounts outstanding; payments can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to align with your cash flow.
  • Farm operating loans allow you to make draws up to the pre-approved amount; revolving lines of credit allow for re-payment and renews the balance available for future borrowing.


Use an agriculture line of credit for:

  • Farm and ranch operating needs
  • Land improvements
  • Country home and/or building construction
  • Livestock purchases
  • Agribusiness needs
  • And more!


It pays to have a farm operating loan with us.

When you do business with Central Texas Farm Credit through agricultural operating loans, you become an owner. That means you share in our cooperative success in the form of a cash patronage refund.

Central Texas Farm Credit is a lending expert that understands what it takes to run a farm or ranch. We make a farm line of credit easy, fast, and convenient financing options that can help you grow your business and achieve your goals.


Secure your Financing With Central Texas Farm Credit Today

Are you looking to finance your agricultural operation? Look no further than Central Texas Farm Credit! We offer a variety of Ag Operating Loans to help you meet your financial needs, whether you need funds for operating expenses, equipment purchases, livestock investments, or other agricultural needs.

Our Ag Operating Loans come with competitive interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and personalized service from our lending experts. Plus, as a cooperative, we're committed to helping our members succeed and grow their operations.

Don't let financing stand in the way of your agricultural goals. Contact Central Texas Farm Credit today to learn more about our Ag Operating Loans and how we can support your operation.